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New Wireless Solutions for a changing world

This year’s Annual Conference will be delivered by Infinet Wireless in a new and exciting way as an online event. Please join us on July 28th at 3:00pm GMT for the opportunity to gain insights into the latest Infinet Wireless solutions and associated tools in a series of detailed, expert-led sessions.  The main theme for the Conference will be centered around new wireless solutions developed for our changing world, and will explore the current wireless ecosystem and delve into alternative strategies for a bright future. All our solutions have been developed to add value to what you do today and hopefully guide you to where you plan to be tomorrow.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the latest innovative Infinet Wireless technologies and solutions through online presentations and demonstrations.
  • Live Q&A sessions and polls will allow us all to share our thoughts and experiences, no matter how widely spread out across the globe we may be.
  • To ensure we reach our customers worldwide, there will be three simultaneous sound channels for the live broadcast: in English, Spanish and French.

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Let's come together for this event to explore how you can benefit from a range of opportunities made possible thanks to our new wireless technologies and how we can build the future together. The conference is free of charge and is accessible to everyone online, you just need to be registered via
IW Academy Portal.

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Event Speakers
Infinet Wireless experts will bring you up to speed and share with you our exciting new developments, enabling you to better understand the wireless opportunities ahead of us.
  • Kamal Mokrani
    Kamal Mokrani
    Global Vice President
  • Dmitry Okorokov
    Dmitry Okorokov
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Andrey Koynov
    Andrey Koynov
    Chief Technology Officer
  • John Boynton
    John Boynton
    Chairman of the Board of Directors