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Infinet Wireless, the global leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity presents its latest and upcoming product innovations in the world.

Infinet Wireless Online Conference 2020 is over, comprehensive content with expert viewpoints from our specialists and developers has been made available to you. Check out the video below to revisit what you enjoyed most during the event, or dig into content you missed, and let non-stop sessions help you focus on new opportunities with Infinet Wireless.

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Gain a deeper understanding of the latest innovative Infinet Wireless technologies and solutions through online presentations and demonstrations. The event will cover many topics such as: 

  • Creating reliable and efficient networks with Infinet Wireless;
  • Using the 5 GHz and 6 GHz spectrum wisely: unlicensed does not mean unlimited;
  • Mitigating interference in your wireless networks;
  • Deploying a reliable wireless broadband infrastructure;
  • Ensuring backward compatibility between our newer solutions and legacy ones;
  • Using not just radio units, but complete solutions.
  • Kamal Mokrani
    Kamal Mokrani
    Global Vice President
  • Dmitry Okorokov
    Dmitry Okorokov
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Andrey Koynov
    Andrey Koynov
    Chief Technology Officer
  • John Boynton
    John Boynton
    Chairman of the Board of Directors
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In this short video we are sharing our partners and clients' experience of deploying Quanta 5 units. The first links of this solution were installed in Oman, Colombia, France, Mexico and Pakistan. Our partners are telling about quick and easy deployment and of course about superior results.

Infinet Wireless has introduced its new product Quanta 70, for deployment Point-to-Point wireless links.

Quanta 70 is a brand new addition to the Infinet Wireless Point-to-Point product portfolio, operating in the 71-76 GHz frequency band. Quanta 70 delivers real throughput of up to 480 Mbps using a 125 MHz channel size and can operate at distances of up to 20 km.
Quanta 70 is based on the brand new Octopus SDR platform, making this family of PTP solutions fully future proof and allowing it to improve its PHY, MAC and upper layer features remotely via a simple firmware upgrade, including for units already deployed in the field.

St. Petersburg is a cultural capital of Russia. The densely populated city receives thousands of tourists every day.

Video surveillance cameras had long been installed in all districts of St. Petersburg. But soon there arised a problem. Cameras in schools, kindergartens, on bridges over the Neva river had to be connected via radio channels and integrated into a single monitoring system.

What was the difficulty? It was the fact that there were no free radio frequencies of 5 and 6 GHz in the city. It was also impossible to build such channels at 60 GHz frequencies, without obtaining frequencies, since this range was not suitable for serious systems either in terms of the achievable distances or the reliability of the channels. The fiber-optic network also could not be extended everywhere as the city is located on the water. It is even called the «North Venice».

The municipality entrusted this task to the company «Profi-service» - a system integrator.
Experts have studied various offers on the market. Almost all of the options were too expensive. And the technical parameters were excessive to fulfill the task. Quanta 70 from Infinet Wireless has become the optimal solution. The frequency range was 70 GHz and didn't need to be licensed.

In the 125 MHz band, Quanta 70 provided up to 480 Mbps of bandwidth over distances of up to 5 km. And, what is extremely important, Infinet's solution was cost-effective.

Axion 28 is Infinet Wireless’ latest breakthrough in the development of solutions for wireless broadband access in the 28 GHz frequency band. This new product family has been designed for deployments in high-density multipoint networks.

Infinet Wireless presents its ecosystem - products and services that are designed to make interaction with our company as comfortable and effective as possible. Our services span the full way of Infinet product usage, from network planning to implementation, operation and management. Across the globe we provide solutions and peace of mind to thousands of engineers, developers who trust us to maximize their investment in Infinet technologies.

Flex, located in Noginsk, is the biggest wireless Internet service provider in the Moscow region.
The Flex network covers the entire Moscow region - an area of more than 44 thousand square kilometres. Today, the Flex network is deployed exclusively on Infinet Wireless solutions. Some devices installed back in 2003 are still operating. The network of Flex consists of 8500 Subscriber Terminals and more than 200 Base Stations. On top of that, there are more than 500 Point-to-Point links with a maximum range of 55 km. Flex is also a testing platform for Infinet Wireless: all its latest solutions are tested on Flex networks.

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