Certification Exam

Infinet Wireless Technical Course

This certification exam is based on the materials of "Infinet Wireless Technical Course" and is designed to validate the knowledge of Infinet products principles of configuring, installation and commissioning, and ability to effectively use the products solutions.

The exam consist of the 49 questions with one or few right answers, the maximum time to pass is 90 minutes.
Upon a successful passing the exam, the user is recognized as a Infinet Wireless Certified Engineer. Certificate is issued. The certificate validity is 3 years. To obtain a certificate, complete the exam with a score of at least 70% correct answers.
In case of failure, a next attempt to pass the exam can be made no earlier than after 10 days.
Topics included in the exam is provided in the document «Certification exam content».
One attempt after registration at IW Academy
For Instructor-Led Training participants
$20 (USD)
In case all free attempts are used or expired
To check your attempts proceed to the personal account.

Please note, the certificate is issued for the name indicated in the IW Academy user profile.

The administrator can negate the exam results and block the retaking possibility for a certain period of time in case of unfair behavior suspicions.