August 2019

InfiNet Wireless solutions for mobile projects

10:00 (Atlantic/Reykjavik ) 25 minutes

During this webinar, we will look at the InfiNet Wireless solutions for wireless networks that include mobile objects. You will learn how to provide a stable connection and seamless roaming for the moving objects.

February 2019

Long distance links (50+ km)

11:00 (Atlantic/Reykjavik ) 25 minutes

Overview of the real projects at a distance of 50 km and more.

January 2019

Ecosistema de InfiNet Wireless

10:00 (America/Bogota ) 35 minutes

Durante este seminario web, aprenderá sobre el Ecosistema de InfiNet Wireless, su propósito, estructura, innovaciones y planes de desarrollo.

December 2018

Tips&tricks from InfiNet Wireless' partners

11:00 (Atlantic/Reykjavik ) 10 minutes

We have asked our partners to share their experience in building wireless networks. Technical specialists who have been using InfiNet Wireless solutions for a long time provided us with their experience that we will share with you.

November 2018

InfiMONITOR desde adentro

11:00 (America/Bogota ) 30 minutes

De vez en cuando recibimos preguntas sobre cómo funciona nuestro sistema de monitoreo. Creemos que es hora de hablar de ello con más detalle.

November 2018

InfiMONITOR from inside

10:00 (Atlantic/Reykjavik ) 30 minutes

From time to time we get questions about how our monitoring system works. We think it's time to talk about it in more detail.

June 2018

Meet the Support Team

10:00 (Atlantic/Reykjavik ) 30 minutes

InfiNet Wireless Service Desk Overview.

May 2018

InfiNet Wireless Ecosystem

10:00 (Atlantic/Reykjavik ) 30 minutes

We, at InfiNet Wireless, pay a lot of attention to our clients during every step of their wireless systems deployments. For this purpose, we have created the InfiNet Wireless Ecosystem, which is aimed at offering you the best possible conditions, so you can always have a positive experience while using our solutions.

April 2018

XG & R5000 Update

10:00 (Atlantic/Reykjavik ) 30 minutes

Overview the InfiNet Wireless software and hardware updates.

March 2017

InfiMONITOR 2016.4.3 Insights

14:00 (Europe/Bucharest ) 25 minutes

Overview features that were released in a new InfiMONITOR version 2016.4.3.

September 2016

MINT set of protocols

14:00 (Europe/Bucharest ) 17 minutes

MINT set of protocols background, features and principle of operation overview.