InfiLINK 2x2 / InfiMAN 2x2: Initial Link Configuration and Installation


What’s in the box?

Package content

Check the packing lists and ensure that correct parts numbers and quantities of goods have arrived. Below there are briefly presented the standard components of an InfiLINK 2x2/InfiMAN 2x2 package.

Outdoor UnitIntegrated antenna, or connectorized model according to the Purchase Order
Power SupplyThe model depends on the ODU model
Power CordThe model depends on the region, according to the Purchase Order
Mounting KitUniversal assembling kit for mounting the ODU on standard pole, wall or thick pipe (vertical/horizontal).
The R5000-Smnc 5-6 GHz, 19 dBi models have the included in the box, by default, 2 clamps for installation on 32-60 mm poles (MONT-KIT-85c have to be ordered separately)
RJ-45 connectorsIn the box there are two RJ-45 connectors:
  • A shielded RJ-45 plug to be used at IDU end
  • An unshielded RJ-45 plug to be used at ODU end


Package content may vary slightly, depending on the unit type.


For connectorized ODU models, you will need external antennas and low loss RF cables, which must be ordered separately.


Ethernet cables are not included in the package.

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