InfiLINK 2x2 / InfiMAN 2x2: Initial Link Configuration and Installation


Setup and installation prerequisites

The installation of InfiNet Wireless units in an outdoor environment, as well as antennas alignment, must be performed by qualified personnel who have acquired before, the knowledge about:

To accomplish the tasks presented in this course, we need the following equipment/accessories/tools:


iPerf: command line tool available for free download at For more information about the usage of iPerf commands, please consult the online documentation at

The following setup will be used:

As the tasks described in Link installation, commissioning and evaluation are performed to wireless links installed in an outdoor environment, we have to make sure that:

  • You acknowledge the regulations imposed by the Regulatory Authority for Communications in your country for the radio spectrum to be used.
  • You chose known locations for the installation of the links; although InfiNet Wireless devices can also operate in Near-LoS or Non-LoS conditions, to achieve the best performance, it's highly recommended to install the link in locations where Clear-Line-of-Site and clear channels are available.
  • You performed link planning using the InfiPLANNER tool ( to determine the link path profiles, radio equipment placement requirements, etc.
  • InfiNet Wireless equipment will not be located in the proximity of high voltage power lines or other electrical power circuits.
  • Both indoor and outdoor units will be properly grounded to protect against power surges and accumulated static electricity.
  • The indoor units will not operate near a direct heat source, water or in a wet environment.
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