InfiLINK XG Family Product


Family Overview

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The InfiLINK XG family will fit perfectly into a large array of applications such as backhaul in the telecom market, education, oil and gas, smart cities, video surveillance and public safety. It was designed by InfiNet Wireless to meet the exact requirements of the most demanding customers, most complex projects and most challenging environments.

InfiLINK XG is available in two hardware configurations:

  • Xm - models with dual-polarized integrated antenna. 
  • Um - models with N-type connectors for 3rd party external antennas.

Models with connectors are designed to work with externally mounted antennas that have higher gains than the integrated antenna. These models can cope with more difficult radio conditions.

1. Outdoor Unit Description

LED Indication

LED indication is used for the unit current status control as wel as for the antenna alignment. It includes the following indicators:

  • power status;
  • TDD synchronization status;
  • wired link status for each network port;
  • wireless link status for the radio interface;
  • RSSI indication.

LED indicators are illustrated in the figure below.

2. Wired Interfaces


  • 2 external ports GigabitEthernet 10/100/1000-BaseT, RJ-45:
    • GE0: Data + PoE input.
    • GE1: Data only.
  • SFP - an external optical port for a SFP form factor optical transceiver. Various 3rd single/multi-mode fibre modules can be used. The use of an optical port is optimal when data needs to be transmitted over long distances or in situations where the use of an Ethernet cable is not possible, for example, when there is significant interference.

Either of the ports can be configured independently for management, user data or for a hybrid mode.


802.3at or an InfiNet Wireless proprietary passive PoE.

Um models interfaces

Um models also have interfaces to connect to an external antenna via an N-type connector with RF cable. "h"="" horizontal polarization.<="" span="">

3. Physical Parameters

Operating temperature rangeDust and water protectionWind load
- 40 °C... +60 °C

IP66 / IP67

160 kph - operational  200 kph - survival

4. PoE Power Supply

InfiLINK XG power supply can be provided with the following injectors: 

  • Indoor AC/DC injector IDU-BS-G(60W): supplied by default.
  • Indoor DC/DC injector IDU-LA-G(V.01): not supplied (available as separate item).
  • Outdoor DC/DC injector with lightning protection AUX-ODU-INJ-G: not supplied (available as separate item).

The PoE power supply connection scheme is illustrated below.

Indoor AC/DC injector IDU-BS-G(60W)

DU-BS-G(60W) is an indoor AC/DC PoE injector, it has built-in lightning protection to prevent damage of ODU or network switch/router connected to the unit. Input voltage AC 100 ~ 240 V, power consumption 60 W.

Indoor DC/DC injector IDU-LA-G(V.01)

IDU-LA-G (V.01) is an indoor DC/DC injector. It greatly reduces a complexity of the deployment in cases where DC source is available thus reduces both a capital expenditures and a total cost of ownership. It has built-in lightning protection. The source of DC power supply supports ±43 …±56 VDC, hence installation of units is possible where AC power sources are unavailable.

Outdoor DC/DC injector with lightning protection AUX-ODU-INJ-G

The built-in lightning protection and the correct InfiLINK XG connection to the electrical networks ensure a high level protection against the consequences of lightning. However, for the most critical tasks, when even a short-term downtime is unacceptable, it is recommended to use an additional protection.

AUX-ODU-INJ-G is an outdoor DC injector with a built-in lightning protection. It greatly reduces a complexity of the deployment in cases where DC source is available on the rooftop, eliminating the need of weather-sealed cabinets and thus reduces both a capital expenditure and a total cost of ownership. Its built-in lightning protection meets the highest industry standards, mitigating sudden power surges and serving as a first-line protection to the power supply and the ODU or the network switch/router connected to the units.

Lightning Protection

All InfiLINK XG models have a built-in lightning protection. At the same time it is recommended to use an additional protection that can be provided by additional lightning protection units. For more information proceed to the "Installation" section.

5. TDD Synchronization

By default, the built-in master clock generator is used to ensure synchronization between master and slave. However, if you need to eliminate cross-site interference (when two independent units are located nearby), master must have a satellite signal. In order to work the built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver requires an ANT-SYNC antenna.

InfiLINK XG synchronizes the system clock, determines itself location, and generates reference signals for TDD synchronization using the ANT-SYNC antenna. Thus, all units with connected antenna will start transmission at one time with accuracy less than microseconds. This completely eliminates the mutual influence of neighboring units when one transmitting unit by its powerful signal prevents the neighboring unit from receiving a weak signal from its client. It also allows you to ensure the reuse of frequency resource when multiple units use the same frequency channel.

The ANT-SYNC antenna connection scheme is shown below.

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