InfiPLANNER: Link Planning Tool


Interface Overview

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InfiPLANNER's interface includes the following components:

  1. Control Panel.
  2. Working Space.
  3. Toolbar.

Control Panel

The Control Panel includes the following components:

  1. Selection between the PtP and PtMP modes on the left side of the panel.
  2. The User Profile menu on the right side.
  3. The current project's name and a button to open the project management interface in the center.

Project Management

All the planned links are combined into projects. Each InfiPLANNER user can have an unlimited number of projects and links. 

The following project settings can be performed:

  • Project Name changing (the "New Project" name is assigned by default).
  • Regulatory domain selection.
  • Measurement system selection.
  • Import/Export from/to KMZ.
  • Project selection. Here you can also create or delete an existing project.

Working Space

The Working Space is used to design the wireless links using geo-located links on the map.



Working Space Structure

List of the current project's links with the ability to add a new ones.
Context menu
Link path profile.
Representation selection menu.


The Toolbar is in the Working Space and presents the tools for designing a wireless link.

The toolbars for the PtP and PtMP modes have a different set of capabilities, but a common concept for designing links.

More detailed information can be found in the next lessons.

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